HSCL - Patient Property

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IDImageDate FoundItem NameItem DescriptionAction
782023-01-15keysChevrolet fob with keys Claim
772023-01-15silver life alertsilver life alert Claim
762023-01-15cell phoneblue android phone with case Claim
742023-01-15cell phoneblack cracked iphone with case Claim
732022-11-24cell phonegalaxy s7 Claim
722022-11-24cell phoneandroid Claim
712022-11-24cell phoneblack iphone Claim
702022-11-24cell phonesamsung black case Claim
692022-11-24cell phonegreen case (tcl phone Claim
672022-09-10fobone key Claim
662022-09-10keysbatman keychain Claim
652022-09-10cell phoneblk no case Claim
642022-09-10cell phoneandroid black with blue case Claim
632022-09-10cell phoneiphone blk with case Claim
622022-09-10IPHONEgold trim no case Claim
612022-09-10cell phoneBLK SAMSUNG WITH CASE Claim
602022-09-10cell phoneIPHONE SILVER LIGHT PINK CASE Claim
592022-08-14tabletlime green Claim
582022-08-14walletbrown with no ID Claim
572022-08-14walletBrown LV Claim
562022-08-14keysmultiple keys Claim
542022-08-14cell phoneiphone Claim
532022-08-14cell phoneblk no case Claim
512022-08-14cell phonetcl blk phone no case with gray charging cord Claim
502022-08-14cell phonerose gold iphone with case Claim
492022-08-14cell phoneblue flip phone Claim
482022-08-14cell phonewhite iphone Claim
472022-08-14cell phonewhite lg phone no case Claim
462022-08-14cell phoneblack samsung phone Claim
452022-08-14cell phoneandroid phone Claim
442022-08-14cell phonegreen case android phone at&t carrier Claim
432022-08-14cell phoneblk case samsung S8 Claim
422022-08-14walletpurple money clip Claim
412022-08-14walletblack tommy hilfiger Claim
402022-08-14flip phoneblk samsung flip phone Claim
392022-08-14walletwhite wallet with pictures of fruit Claim
382022-08-14cell phoneblk LG phone with no case Claim
372022-08-14cell phonelight purple iphone with no case Claim
362022-08-14cell phoneblack motorolla phone with no case Claim
352022-08-14cell phoneone plus android with no case Claim
342022-08-14cell phonelight purple iphone with blue case Claim
332022-08-14cell phoneblack t-mobile with clear case Claim
322022-08-14cell phoneblued Samsung Claim