HSCL - Patient Property

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IDImageDate FoundItem NameItem DescriptionAction
2082024-05-28Cell PhoneCloud Mobile cell phone, Black Claim
2072024-05-28Portable BreathalyzerPortable Breathalyzer in case Claim
2062024-05-24KeysKey for Subaru, YMCA tag and Subaru pendant Claim
2052024-05-24iPhoneWhite iPhone, Clear case with flowers Claim
2032024-05-20Cell PhoneSamsung cell phone (black) with red weave pattern case Claim
2022024-05-16iPhoneDark blue iPhone, black case "Marlo" Claim
2012024-05-16Car KeysChevy key/fob (hatchback SUV) Claim
2002024-05-16Car KeysHonda keys/fob, remote start, for minivan. Claim
1992024-05-16WalletBlack bi-fold wallet with Florida ID (punched) Claim
1982024-05-13Cell PhoneSamsung cell phone, slate gray (almost greenish). No charge left on battery. Claim
1972024-05-08Card HolderPelican Hard case (Magnetic) Card Holder, ID Mailed back to Residence listed on card. Claim
1962024-05-08Cell PhoneT-Mobile Phone Blue, in Black OTTERBOX, Background is a gentleman in a purple shirt and hat with leather jacket on. Claim
1942024-05-06Cell PhoneBlue PCD phone with clear gel case. Claim
1932024-05-06iPhoneWhite iPhone with clear/pink chromatic "Case-Mate" case. Claim
1922024-05-02iPhoneBlack iPhone with black NTG hard case (Locked) Background photo with Grandchildren (?) Claim
1912024-04-29Motorola PhoneBlue Motorola Cell Phone (Small crack in top left corner of screen) Claim
1902024-04-29Cell PhoneDark Blue (Teal) LG phone with Black Incipio Case Claim
1882024-04-22Keys3 Keys on ring (Elk River Activity Center Tag) Claim
1872024-04-22Nokia PhoneNokia Phone (dark Gray textured back, cracked screen) Claim
1862024-04-22Samsung Flip PhoneSamsung Flip Phone white with clear case Claim
1852024-04-18Cell PhoneBlack Samsung in Hard/Soft case (similar to otterbox) Claim
1842024-04-18Cell PhoneKooBee Cell Phone (Black) Claim
1832024-04-18iPhoneWhite iPhone with black case (last name shown in photo "Karg") Claim
1822024-04-18Ear BudsBluetooth Ear Buds in Case Claim
1812024-04-18Key FobKey Fob with friend keychain "Buddies/Ever" fist bump Claim
1802024-04-18KeysVarious Keys on Vietnam Vet Lanyard (Car Key Fob included) Claim
1792024-04-16Cell PhoneBlue (blueish gray) T- Mobile phone (Cracked screen) Claim
1782024-04-16Cell PhoneBLU Brand Model 3 (blue phone with black case) Claim
1772024-04-16iPhoneWhite iPhone (T-Mobile) cracked camera lens, blue soft case. Ocean shoreline as background image. Claim
1762024-04-15iPhoneBlack iPhone, small crack in bottom center of front screen (no battery charge, but says phone is findable) Claim